Stillwater School Events 2017-2018

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Countryside Photo is a premier senior portrait photographer in Stillwater.We are offical senior portrait yearbook photographer from 2014 through 2020.

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Action highlights, all game photos below. Thanks to ur folllowers but facebook is no longer for our images.

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We are offical yearbook photographer from 2014 through 2020.

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Teams for 2018-19

Fall Team Signup weekdays between

August 14-28, 4pm-7pm

Soccer, volleyball,

Each Photo is a link to a gallery!

Girls soccer, Vollyball, football, cheerleading, boys soccer(maybe)


Winter sports

Girls Basketball

Girls Golf, Softball, Baseball, Track, Tennis, sync Swimming

Followup with outdoor teams photos for purchase once weather is better.

Boys and Girls Lacrosse (team photos not provided-parents choice)


Fall Sports 17   Winter Sports 17-18 Spring Sports 18

Class of 2018 click here!

Pricing for yearbook photos class-2018-2020.

Single 8x10 is $69.28

(sales tax and postage, included)

Package (1-8x10,2-5x7,4-4x5) is only


(sales tax and postage, included)

We verify your name to yearbook signup.

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Past Seasons pages All in Adobe "FLASH", Desktop required

Links to past years.

School year 2016-17



Everyone when ordering photos, Please be aware my definition of "Season" is the current school season

(fall, Winter, Spring) for the current school year.

Link to order form for sports and action photos, order form

Single photos are ala-cart "after season" requires mailing cost of $5 when I can no longer deliver to a game or performance, please use mail pricing.

We tried Our Galleries last year were in HTML5 based so your Iphones and windows phones work, although web browsing on a phone was not smooth so I have went back to flash galleries and require a desktop or flash enabled browser. We are no longer posting to facebook based on data breach and lack of commitment to our industry.

We hope to photograph all the teams as groups/individuals and the action

Yearbook camera support

Canon 60D manual


canon 30D manual


Digital action images from this web page are free to the person or persons in the image only, Group and individual photos are for sale only. School yearbook may request images for publication use only. No other publication of images allowed per copyright.

All Images copyright 1985-2018

Coaches if you would like an event covered, please email us, we would be happy to cover your event and post the images.
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