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Contact information:

Office Phone: 651-494-4445

email address: cornelbp@comcast.net

Our NEW Studio:

Separate building, large camera room, lobby and a large dressing room. I have lots of backdrops and options, This new space allows for large families and team photos, to large musical instruments etc.

Current News

Countryside is the preferred senior portrait photographer for the SAHS seniors and other schools from Prescott,WI to Blaine, MN.

In 2014 the Stillwater high school yearbook staff selected Countryside from many different studios in the area to provide the yearbook with quality portraits while considering things like, image quality and varity,studio location, print prices to name a few of the requirements. We continue to provide ongoing support for SAHS yearbook with senior portaits, sporting events and team photos.

Studio History: 1985 - 2017

In 1985 I opened Countryside Photographic Inc. when the wedding photography industry was going through a shift where couples would have a relative or close friend take snap shots and hire a studio to come and pose the group shots only. During the late 70s studios began to offer portraits along with group poses. These portraits were limited to window light with limited backdrops. Several studios that I worked for in the early 80s changed their style and began to offer different options. These options included high quality studio lighting and real posing offering the customer the best quality.

Today Countryside Photo is focused on two main groups, High School Seniors and Family portraits. Seniors want some indoor portraits and outdoor portraits, I can provide both right here at the studio. When students want the metro look, the brick and mortar of the city or want the town landmarks in the background I provide these options also. Family portraits are either at your home or at our studio, at your home can be a special photo although the studio backgrounds allows for a different look and larger groups.   I still provide the studio quality wedding portraits on location along with photojournalistic reception coverage. Many customers have told us about their friend’s wedding photography disasters from the previous year and Brides share their need to have that special photograph, like their grandparents or parents had taken back in the 50s and 60s.

2012 was a new beginning with a new space
Countryside moved from our home to a new studio located at our on our property in the country with over 1000 sq/ft of client space and 5 acres outdoor area.  The indoor space has a private dressing room/restroom a sales and presentation area along with an entrance area for clients to be greeted. I take the time to visit with you and identify what you are looking for and then I make sure that each image and the experience is fun and rewarding for you. We use the latest technology to capture images and the newest software to show you each image as it would look finished. The images you select your family will cherish for generations.

2014 is an exciting year as almost 700 senior high seniors from Stillwater will come here to be photographed for the yearbook. Many of these seniors will have us create their senior portrait for the family while some will just have the yearbook photo taken.

Photographer: Brad Cornell (Owner)

I started my interest in photography capturing high-school yearbook activities for a contract photographer. My artistic drive molded me into portrait and wedding photographer. WOW! Weddings are all about people not just about capturing a photograph or the equipment you use. The studio I worked for pushed me into the deep end of the pool of wedding photography using only window light to capture portraits. This old style photography using only the soft light of a window to create wonderful wedding portraits limits for a photographer, to mid-day weddings in the summer. People get married in the morning, early evening and what about when it raining or snowing. Well this taught me to be prepared, I use professional lighting for all my weddings. I mastered portrait lighting 25years ago allowing me to provide studio quality wedding photography regardless of location. Today I support the local high school with action photo coverage for 12 sports and support the yearbook with images and technical photographic support. I photograph mostly high school seniors, families and pets.

Brief Photography history:

The photographic industry has gone through several changes, from the pocket 110 cameras in the 80s to the point and shoots 35mm cameras in the 90s and now in the 2000s where every cell phone has a camera. The digital image has moved Kodak and other film companies from a film and paper and print company to home printer and simple high quality digital cameras. The Professional photographer has 2 options today, use the amateur equipment or use the traditional professional equipment with a digital twist. Today I use my professional medium format digital cameras and a digital SLR camera depending on the subject or location. The medium format digital capture yields the finest quality image available today, yet using the digital SLR with professional techniques yields exceptional images when capturing the action or mobile shooting.



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