Portrait Prep      

What to wear...

For “ in-studio”: Simple garment in earth tones medium to dark tones of brown, gray, greens, blues are good choices. Because darker clothing is slimming, it is often a good choice for portraits.

Proper clothing coordination is especially critical for families. You don’t want an individual to stand out because the clothing is too light or bright compared to the rest of the group.



Make-up and Hair:
Wear your hair the way you like it best. If you plan to have a haircut, try to schedule it at least a week before your session in case your not happy with the results.

Hands and feet;

Are always in the images, so… trim and file and remove old polish from your nails. Lotion prevents skin looking too dry.


Clothing that is too tight or too loose will not lay properly and may have too many folds. Avoid clothing with words, small straps, logos and loud patterns. Dress from head to toe, many poses will include your feet. Note: tan lines and sunburns cannot be fixed with out expensive artwork.


Guys… make sure you shave the 5 o’clock shadows cannot be edited.
Ladies… make-up should be worn no heaver than you would for an evening out. Even if you don’t wear make-up, we recommend light foundation and power to reduce shine and even your tone.
[Guys can use power too and no one can tell, we promise.]




In general, we recommend long sleeved garments, as bare arms call attention to themselves and in a group can give that “octopus look” to your portrait. We love bare feet, however if your wearing shoes, be sure that your socks and shoes are in keeping with the intent of the portrait. [Example: black socks w/black pants and no show laces.]

For “Natural Light or Destination.” You can lighten the colors, creams, whites, softer earth tones, and shades of brown, tan, light grays, greens and blues.
Remember you want your portraits to blend with the surroundings of where you will be showcasing them.

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