Senior Portraits pricing 2020-2021

The Portrait Photography Business is constantly changing. Technology reinvents itself daily. Styles keep changing poses continue to change and keep up with the latest lighting techniques for these shooting options, and styles takes a photographer dedicated to creating the best experience possible for their clients and someone that is willing to invest into their art and creativity.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for your senior.Your senior does deserve his or her senior portrait experience to be in the hands of someone whose spent a life time to stay ahead of all of that?  Doesn't your child deserve better than “good enough”?

Countryside Photo Is For Everyone. We offer simple sessions with cost sensitive budgets and Complete ultimate senior portrait experience. We want clients who want their photos taken using unmatched skills and techniques.  It’s for seniors that want photos that pop because of all the attention paid to detail in posing, lighting and editing.  Our senior sessions are for people that want their senior’s personality captured at a milestone time in their life in a timeless portrait that can be hung on the wall until THEIR children can see it someday.  It’s for seniors that want photos to look like them.  Countryside Photo is for people that want the best.

When you look at pricing you are even more confused. “Free session fees”, “Images included”, “Natural Light Photographer”. There are some that have complete packages for $119. On the other end there are some that won’t share their prices until after you have paid the sitting fee.  Many studios give you a "price range of what people spend"  without sharing their complete prices or the prices of the prints, leaving you shocked at the total price you will feel forced to pay. You may even feel remorse for what you just purchased and it actually takes away from the beauty of the photos and fun of the experience for your senior.  

TRANSPARENT PRICING We understand that value is important. Our sessions are reasonably priced and are given to you in a no frills, plain brown wrapping format that allows for an amazing value with superior quality and professionalism.  All sessions include a photo for the yearbook.

The Traditional Session gets the basic done and provides you with total control of what you need, you purchase only what you want (no minimum) just a deposit for the proofbook you take home to review and return.

The Down town is similar to the traditional session only it has a minimum order that is the proofbook deposit. The Princess and Downtown sessions include other extras like multiple outfits and locations and professional make-up if needed. 

The Princess has a proofbook You can keep so you can decide on your own time what you want to order without any high pressure sales or gimmicks to get you to purchase more than you really want.  Then we can sit down and design your perfect print order as well.  You will be able to see each print sized and cropped exactly the way you want it.  

The prices below keep your budget in mind and let you add anything you want to make your senior’s package perfect.  There are three different sessions that allow you to be flexible.  There is no minimum print order in the Traditional session!  The print pricing is scaled so that as you purchase more prints, the price of each unit is reduced, rewarding you as you get everything you want to celebrate your young adult’s graduation.  We even provide packages with digital copies of the images you purchased.

We do have a cool Discount for twins;

If your twin seniors are photographed at the same time for a traditional session, save 20% off of both session fees. Twins can use one downtown session, that's a 50% savings.

We treat our clients the way we want to be treated.  All of my prices are listed on my website.  First you can choose from three different sessions, the “Because My Mom Is Making Me Get My Senior Portraits Taken Session” Traditional to the most extravagant all-inclusive Princess Session.  Then you will find the Collections.  These are the best value, especially if you want forever items like wall art and albums.  Then you will see Individually Priced Items, perfect if you know exactly what you want. 

The Princess Session $699 (purchasing a collection is required with this package, see Collections below for pricing) This is the Ultimate Senior Session. It is the go anywhere, do anything session. Within reason!  

    Unlimited outfits and all the Session Extras we can fit into a 4-5 hour session.

    Use of professional make-up artist( we are evaluating options here, If you have a favorite professional

    stylist, we'll reimburse you).

    (60) finished images!

    4”x6” spiral bound proof book of your images.

    We will email you special thumbnail sheets of the photos taken so that you can choose the 60 that come with

   your Session. Once we get these edited, we will schedule you to pickup your proofbook and a order session so you can decide which image are in your collection.

The Downtown session is $225 (purchasing a minimum of $250 is required) This expanded classic for Stillwater seniors allows for downtown locations for up to 2 hours and 1/2 hour at the studio for some formal portraits or other need like sports, pet or musical instrument.


The traditional studio session( no minimum purchase required) is our 1 hour basic session where with 1 hour weekdays here at the studio. these are schedule for evening hours where the light outdoors is great and indoor photos come alive.

Proofbook pickup is normally 2 weeks after the session with an order session 2 weeks after. Let us know if you only need a viewing session after to select right away.

New this year Session extras:

For downtown and princess sessions, these are a little extra sessions:

"Add a Season" When you were photographed in the summer get some fall colors or spring changes,and even cold winter snow photos. these are 1/2 hour shoots at the studio for $59 each.  

"Perfect Prom” You in your prom dress photographed in flattering, fashion poses, exquisite photo-shop techniques and perfect lighting an sets to meet your style.  Includes (8) additional images when added to your session.   - $59   

 “Studio Sportz”  High contrast lighting and shadows to show off your athleticism and skills in a unique way (4) additional images when added to your session.  - $39

"Add a Pet" - Yes a dog, or cat or horse, or any pet could be part of your senior Portrait experience. Includes (4) additional images when added to your session - $39, A horse is only allowed where its located.

 Now for detailed pricing Collections and Ala cart:

*Ultimate Collection ( new 2020) $2695

20x30 Metal or Gallery Wrap or Framed Fine Art Print

Gallery Wrap Cluster with (2)8x10s and (1) 11x14

12x12 keepsake photo album 32 photos on 20 spreads

4-8x10 mounted gift prints

10- 5x7 mounted gift prints

3' x 5' custom graduation banner

75 custom invitation cards

All 32 images of the album on a USB stick with image release.


*Premium Collection (new 2020) $ 1995

16x20 Metal or Gallery Wrap or Framed Fine Art Print

12x12 keepsake photo album 20 photos on 10 spreads

4-8x10 mounted gift prints

8- 5x7 mounted gift prints

3' x 5' custom graduation banner

50 custom invitation cards

All 20 images of the album on a USB stick with image release.

* one required with Princess session.

Countryside Traditional collections


Package 1: $210

(One Image) 1 8x10, 4 - 5x7s

Add a digital copy for only $50 more.


Package 2: $410

(up to 6 Images*)
1 – 8x10, 3 sets of (2 - 5x7s)

4 Discounted digital copies of the images. ( reg. $300)


Package 3: $610

(up to 6 Images *)
2 – 8x10, 6 - 5x7s

6 Discounted digital copies of the images. ( reg. $450)


Package 4: $840

(up to 6 images retouched)
1 - 11x14 wall portrait, 2 – 8x10s in folder,

8 - 5x7s, 8 – 4x5s and 24 wallets

6 Discounted digital copies of the images. ( reg. $450)


Package 5: $1275

(up to 11 images retouched)
1 - 16x20 wall portrait, Canvas wrap

2 – 8x10s, 6 - 5x7s and 48 wallets

11 Discounted digital copies of the images

( reg. $825) and

your 8x10 Proof Book included.

Ala-Cart Pricing, one image



1 - 8x10 Mounted or in folder

$ 70

1 - 5x7 Mounted or in folder (2nd same image add $35)

$ 45

1 – 4x5 in folders..(2nd same image add $15)

$ 30

1 - 11x14 Mounted.....................


1 - 16x20 Mounted.....................


Wallets same image as larger print


$ 16

$ 48
Graduation Banner 3'x5'
Keepsake Album 12x12, 20 images
Album 8x8, 20 images
Album 10x10, 20 images

USB stick with 10 retouched images


Ala-cart orders of $1500 get a 10% savings

Metals and Canvas – These are the heirloom quality keepsakes that you can proudly display in your home or office. The quality is unmatched, and these can be handed down and displayed for generations. 

  • Frame any Fine art or Frameable Canvas with a hardwood black frame with back for $125
  • Stunning Float Frames for Metals start at $149
  •  Frameable Canvas - Fantastic heavy canvas mounted to a Masonite board to give that perfect stretched look and easily mounts in any frame.  11x14 $399, 16x20 $579, 20x30 $599  Other sizes available  

Metals - The image is printed directly on the metal for and amazing clarity, they come in Matt, Satin and Gloss  finishes.  They have a 1” deep hanger to give it depth away from the wall.  11x14 $299, 16x20 $399, 20x30 $499.

Gallery Wraps - Gorgeous 1½" thick museum quality canvas, hand stretched over precision crafted wooden frame.  This is the perfect way to display your favorite print.  Gallery Wrap Clusters are the ultimate way to display multiple prints together to make a room come alive with the beauty of your senior: 11x14 $249, 16x20 $510, 20x30 $595   Other sizes available



Canceling regular senior portrait with yearbook does not entitle you to a free yearbook if all the free time spots are full, a full session fee plus $45 fee will apply and rush charges depending on dates.

2733 Neal Ave. N. ,Stillwater, MN 55082

Questions: please call the studio 651-494-4445